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KOFTA means cardigan

The cardigan is an item that is only available at KINIT and was the catalyst for launching this brand.

Like knitting, stitch by stitch, made by hand.

It is our hope that we can create clothes that are carefully made and have a warmth to them.


Knitwear made from a single thread will last even if it is worn out or unraveled.

It can also be re-knitted into a new item.

I took my favorite sweater and remade it into a hat.


I hope to be able to suggest ways to enjoy things like this.

3-5-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03 6434 0007

Tel: 03-6434-0007

3-5-15 jingumae, shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan zip150-0001

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